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16ft 18ft 20ft 24ft big hvls fan

16ft 18ft 20ft 24ft big hvls fan



China High volume low speed( HVLS )large industrial ceiling fan for sale, with permanent magnet direct drive motor, energy-saving, low noise, soft wind, maintenance-free!

Big HVLS Industrial Fans Performance Index 

1. Permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor can be installed on the wheel shaft as a whole, forming an overall direct drive system, that is, a wheel shaft is a drive unit, eliminating a gear box, completely sealed, truly maintenance-free.

2.Large air volume coverage range, the use of aerodynamic principles and advanced technology streamlined ultra-long fan blade, to transport a large amount of air, so as to form a 3-10ft air layer on the ground, bringing large air volume coverage

3.High efficiency motor, The HVLS fan has an efficiency of 84% within the Speed range, especially under 70% of the highest speed load the motor efficiency can be achieved 90%;

4.The use of air conditioning with fans can save electricity by more than 30%, and indoor air circulation is limited. The use of air conditioning with industrial fans can accelerate the cooling effect of indoor air flow, reduce the running time of air conditioning units, and greatly save electricity.

5.Servo drive controller, with frequency control system, speed 20-65rpm, just need to rotate the speed control button, can meet the requirements of different wind conditions.

6.Special design of motor temperature controls ,when fan Motor temperature controlling, once the motor temp are higher than the set data, controller will slow down the motor speed automative, when it cool down, it will go back the set speed.

Optimized Design of the Fan Drive and Direct Drive Motor:

1. The dedicated fan drive uses a fanless cooling design, even the fan cooling is not used, the temperature rise of our drive system is controlled within 20 degrees;
2. By optimizing the structural design, no traditional fan distribution box is needed to save investment and installation space for customers; 
3. Designed and optimized software to achieve better electromagnetic noise control goals; 
4. Developed corresponding protection programs according to the fan operating characteristics of various scenarios, enhancing safety Protective measures can realize overload protection, temperature protection and overvoltage protection, protection  against collision and severe dynamic imbalance
5. Intuitive operation interface allows users to directly operate without reading the user manual at a glance.

HVLS Fan Motor

Permanet magnet synchronous motor   can be installed on the wheel shaft as a whole, forming an overall direct drive system, that is, a wheel shaft is a drive unit, eliminating a gearbox, completely sealed, and truly maintenance-free.

HVLS Fan Controller

Servo controller, using an advanced full digital motor control algorithm, built-in over voltage, over current, overload, and short circuit protection, can read the real-time fan motor temperature and control the motor running in a safe temperature range

Safety Design

Adopt more than 10 safety protection measures (safety rope, safety ring, anti-drop  bushing technology, type I fan blade link, top 12.9-grade fastener, anti-loose fastener,  fan blade strengthening design, enhanced plug-in design, overload protection of  control system, etc.)

Fasten Blot and Nuts

Fasten Blot and Nuts

Safety Ring and Wire Traction

Application of HVLS fan

Which places are most suitable for installing HVLS fans?
Large workshop
Large workshops such as machinery processing plants, auto repair plants, aircraft assembly plants, and shipyards all use this fan. 
Large logistics warehouse distribution center
For logistics storage workshops, air quality can be improved, dehumidification and dehumidification can be prevented, and rust and decay of warehouse goods.
Business occasion
Large-scale industrial fans are also widely used in various commercial occasions,  As long as it is a large and high space occasion, industrial fans (commercial fans) will be hung, such as railway stations and bus stations, airports, military units, churches, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.
Large farm
Large industrial fans are also widely used in large farms, including dairy farms, feedlots and hatcheries. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify and deodorize, and reduce the incidence of livestock.

We offering various specification for your option:   

HVLS-FD1A series HVLS FAN specification sheet:
Model No. Fan ID ft  Fan ID m Pole length  m Motor Power kw Blades pcs Air volume m3/min Max speed rpm Fan weight kgs
HVLS-FD1A43 14 4.3 1 0.9 5 10700 100 90
HVLS-FD1A49 16 4.9 1 0.9 5 11700 87 93
HVLS-FD1A55 18 5.5 1 0.9 5 12600 78 100
HVLS-FD1A61 20 6.1 1 0.9 5 13150 70 105
HVLS-FD1A61-2 20 6.1 1 1.5 6 14300 70 120
HVLS-FD1A73 24 7.3 1 1.5 6 15500 65 128

Detail data for 24ft HVLS FAN

Fan size (D)  7.3m
No of blades; 6
Fan blade width(W) 187mm
Blade material Aluminium alloy (aeronautical aluminium)

Performance Index

Max speed 65RPM Speed range 20-65rpm
Maximum wind pressure
 (static pressure)
>20Pa Related to installation environment and speed
Air volume 7500m3/min @16Pa The volume of air at a reference static pressure
Applying space 1 >2000m2 Blade plane height≥11m 65rpm Comfort index characteristic
Applying space 2 >1500m2 Blade plane height≥8m 62rpm Comfort index characteristic
Applying space 3 >1300m2 Blade plane height≥6m 55rpm Comfort index characteristic
Applicable space height(H) 8-18 m Effective floor height inside the building
Maximum speed noise <60db@65rpm Related to the fan installation environment
Half speed noise <45db@33rpm Related to the fan installation environment

Fan Weight

Fan Total Weight 128kg  
Motor weight  32.5kg  
Sling weight 20kg Related to the length of the mounting boom
Blade weight 57.5kg  
Max torque 230Nm@65rpm  
Max lift force 225N@65rpm  

Electrical Parameter

Motor rated power 1.5Kw
Ambient Temp 10-50℃
Rated Voltage/rated Current1 3Phase 380—440Vac/2.8A
Rated Voltage/rated Current 2 3Phase 220—240Vac/4.9A

Installation Condition

Fixed mode Concrete roof beams or steel frames Two types of fixed splint
Boom length ≤3m The length of the boom depends on the strength design
Install interval(S) 4D>S>6D Two sets of fan installation interval
installation space h1 >1/4D The distance of fan-blade plane from the roof
installation spaceh2 >D The height of the flat blade plane from the ground
Horizontal safe distance >1/4D Reduction in distance may increase in noise
Vertical safety distance >1/4D he vertical distance between the highest point of the obstacle and the blade


egarding the noise test: under the condition that the rotation plane of the fan blade is> 8 meters from the ground and the rotation plane of the fan blade is> 2.5 meters from the roof, the vertical distance of the vertical line of the fan is 7 meters, and the sampling is carried out at a plurality of circumferentially distributed positions at a height of 1.7 meters on the ground Obtained reference noise data (the geometry of the roof and whether there are pillars around it will affect the noise test)

About comfort Index Characteristics

1. The fan produces wind speeds between 0.6m/s-2m/s
2. The ambient temperature is between 20 and 33℃
3. The relative humidity of the environment is between 50% and 85%
Warm reminder: This product is not for sale in the United States.
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