Agents Wanted

Today, we have already some agencies in overseas. They sell our products which bring us a win-win situation. They become one of the biggest servo system distributor in local market, make our Xingtai Servo well known there. We need agent to develop local market and agent need our products and service to make fortune. We are strategic partner to achieve our object together. We have mutual trust and mutual support. As an agent, you will have many advantages and benefit from our service.

Quality control :
We know how can our agency go futher with us is to ensure the high quality and reliable service. Our Rigorous quality control meets the highest standard.
1.Every servo drive and motor done with electromagnetic compatibility, high-low temperature,humidity and vibration test for adapt various harsh environment.  
2.Futhur more,we test and debuge every set servo system on injection molding machine before delivery to ensure its reliable quality.
Guaranteed warranty :
We offer 18month quality warranty for our servo motor and drive.
1.Free repairing .
2.Free spare parts to replace the damaged parts once confirmed its from our quality itself within the warranty period.
3.Replace a new one once confirmed the problem is from our quality itself for not worthy repairing ones within the warranty period.
Technical support :
We have professional engineers here behind you to offer our agency not only pre-sale service but also after-sale service.
1.Professional Servo system solution for pre-sale support.
2.Professional Install&Debugging support for training you know well of our servo systems. We welcome you to our factory for training if needed.
3.Our engineer could go to abroad for technical support if needed.
Agent Requirements : 
1)Be professional, with strong marketing strategies and regional sales network;
2)Have appropriate capital and good relationships with local customers; 
3)Have some experience of installation or selling of servo system for injection molding machine.
4)Know hydraulic system well,could retrofit the used injection molding machine for servo system.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agent of XingTai Servo

If you would like to work with us, anywhere in the world, Please contact us for more information:
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