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Why Do I Need servo motor?


The main difference of normal injection molding machine and servo injection molding machine is :

Normal injection molding machine: non-stop operation, even if the machine action stops, the motor will not stop in turn.

Servo injection molding machine: make a different action with the corresponding power to provide power, such as the machine does not move, servo motor will stop completely.

That means when your injection molding machine run with servo , it will save you lot of energy power. The most important thing is to save cost and increase the competitiveness of production enterprises. To retrofit a injection molding machine to save 30% to 80%, the cost of saving of one year is the benefit of the manufacturer.


Why choose Xingtai servo ?

High energy saving

1.Saving the waste at high pressure section of traditional technology

2.Improving the motor efficiency : XingTai Servo Motor is high efficiency motor ,under the average condition on injection ,the efficiency of XingTai Servo Motor is 10% higher than traditional three-phase asynchronous motor.

3.Saving the consumption of the hydraulic cooling system.

High precision

1.High position repeat precision :XingTai servo high anti-moving around ability and high response ensure the repeat precision of clamping and injection at +0.1mm;with high response computer,multistage speed injection point deviation could be 0.1mm.

2. High pressure control precision:XingTai servo high response ,the pressure of pressure closed-loop control mode system is rather stable,pressure fluctuation less than +0.2bar,improving the quality of molding plastic products;XingTai servo suited to use on two board machines and other precision injection molding machine.

High performance

1.High efficient: XingTai servo system use the slender structure motor,with the most advanced high-speed DSP computing device,realized the magnetic field oriented vector control strategy.

2.High speed:XingTai servo motor speed rise under constant power,increase the pump displacement when keeping pump low speed and high pressure.

3.High response: XingTai servo with high response ,the pressure rise and flow rise as fast as 30ms,improving the response speed of hydraulic system ,reducing the action transfer time ,speed up the complete machine running tempo.


What is the advantage of Xingtai servo?

1. We concentrate on the industry of injection molding machine for 10years,almost all of our servo system applied in the injection molding machine. We have enough rich experience to make it best.

2. Both servo drive and servo motor are our own brand, so they get the most perfect matching for each other. which ensure our servo system optimal performance. 


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