Perhaps this will be helpful to you. In response to the needs of our customers, we have collected some simple and common servo motor tips, you can find in this FAQ page you are concerned about our servo motor and drive questions and answers.
1.Do you offer complete set of servo system for injection molding machine?
Yes ,We are offering professional solutions of complete set servo systems for different tonnage injection molding machine,We offer servo drive+servo motor+oil pump+pressure sensor+brake resistor+coupling+electric  reactor+encoder line.etc.Please  inquriy us for best solutions.
2.What is your mainly delivery port?
Our factory is loacted in Ningbo city,Ningbo Port is our primary choice of delivery sea port. 
3. Is there a minimum quantity request?
We does not require a minimum order for standard servo drive and motor, as we understand that some customers may only need 1 or 2 sets of our products or wish to try us out for the first time.
4.What are your packing methods?
We mostly pack into wooden cases or a combination of box and pallet.Xingtai packages will protect the servo drives well.
5.When can I except to receive my order?
Generally 3-15days after order confirmation.
6.What is your servo products quality assurance?
Our XT690 Series servo drive passed CE certificate and all servo drive and motors will be tested on injection molding machine in our factory before delivery ,You just assemble and easy debuge as per our introductions.
Generally we offer 18month warranty for our servo drive and motors qualtity itself,Any problems we are on the behind of you.
7.Is there any possibility to be your partner in our country?
Yes,We are looking for agent in differrent countries and areas ,Please contact one of our sales manager for more business cooperation.
8.What is servo system?
The servo energy system is divided into six main elements: servo motor, encoder, gear pump, servo drive, pressure sensor and drive control module. Among them, the driving control module is the key and core of the difference between traditional injection molding machine. Its specific working process and key techniques can be summarized as:
1. The servo driver receives the pressure (P) and flow (Q) instructions issued by the injection machine controller, and converts it to the speed instruction to be transferred to the servo motor. Servo motor drives the pump rotate, the gear pump is according to the command output pressure flow, pressure sensor information acquisition system pressure at the same time, and feedback to the servo driver, servo motor will rotate speed information feedback to servo driver. Subsequently, the servo drives feedback the actual pressure and flow information to the injection molding machine controller. By comparing actual flow, pressure and instruction flow and pressure, the injection molding machine controller adjusts the instruction flow and pressure in a timely way to achieve the closed-loop control.
2. The response speed of the servo system can reach 0.03 ms, much larger than the response speed of the variable pump 0.3 ms, thus significantly improving the control precision.
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