164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013

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164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
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164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
164-186Nm Servo Motor D1013
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Brief Introduction of High speed servo motor 

Xingtai permanent magnet servo motor is a kind of high speed and high resposed Servo motor, which can meet the needs of automatic industrial process motion control. Based on the latest generation of rare-earth permanent magnet materials, combined with more than 10 years of servo motor design experience and advanced design methods, use a number of proprietary manufacturing technology, so that the motor has a higher torque volume ratio and power volume ratio. Motor rotation inertia is small, especially suitable for applications requiring high dynamic response.

The products are widely used in hydraulic servo industry, air compressor industry, packaging and printing industry, machine tool industry and other industrial control fields ,especially injection molding machine. Xingtai Servo motor have passed CE,UL certificates.

XingTai permanent magent servo motor Designed for process lines and apply in sustained operation at high speed,forced cooling over frame with fan servo controlled by the motor ,overall protection grade IP 54;
The advantage of combination of permanent magnet and Magnetic reluctance are:
1.10% higher efficiency than induction motor;
2.wider speed range compared to general permanent magnet motor;
3.Slender structure make motor faster dynamic response ,lower noise;
4.Special airduct design make the motor more outstanding cooling effect.
The main characteristics of the Xingtai Motor D1013 are as follows:

1. Rated torque:164-186Nm  | Rated Power 29kw,30kw,36kw

2. Peak speed: up to 16000rpm |Rated Speed:1500rpm-2500rpm

3. Cooling Mode: Natural Cooling, Wind Cooling, water cooling, Oil Cooling

4. Insulation Class: F

5. Protection: IP65(Natural Cooling, water cooling, oil cooling), IP 54(Wind Cooling)

6. Brake: D10  series motor can be equipped with permanent magnet brake according to customer's request; Electromagnetic brakes can be installed in D10 series 

7. Support for various forms of position sensors, including:
1) Absolute encoders, based on the single-loop, multi-loop absolute encoders of Hydehan Endat 2.2, also support sick, Domochuan, Nikon, etc.
2) Incremental encoder, mainly Danah
3) Positive cosine encoder, Hyderham Ern 1385, Ern 1387
4) Various of Rotating transformers, such as Domogawa rotating transformer.

8. Temperature protection: Standard Motor preburied a set of 3 PTC 130 and a set of KTY84 thermistors

XingTai High response Servo Motor  Specification Name rules
For example:D1004F.15.3 means D10 Series(overall size refer to D10), 40Nm, 1500rpm, 380Vac. 
XingTai High response Servo Motor Specification Sheet

XingTai Servo Motor Dimension



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