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18ft HVLS 5 Aluminum Blade Industrial Large Ceiling Fan

18ft HVLS 5 Aluminum Blade Industrial Large Ceiling Fan



Introduce of HVLS fan

Large ceiling fans customized for your needs. Say goodbye to high energy costs and poor air quality.
These 20ft big size HVLS fans generate massive amounts of airflow at a low speed for an ultra quiet and energy efficient experience. 
Our durable, heavy-duty industrial HVLS fans have the power to cool any industrial building, large or small. With a balance of innovative fan design features and powerful airflow, industrial ceiling fans are the perfect design solution that creates a comfortable temperature while maintaining energy efficiency for any facility.

Cool Employees
HVLS fan generated by the natural breeze blowing on the human body promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, and make the human body cool down, bringing a cooling feeling. Usually, this cooling sensation can reach 8°F

Increase Productivity
Worker productivity drops when people become uncomfortable and hot. Airflow maximizes the body's natural means of cooling.  It will achieve a healthy, comfortable and safe working environment.

Large High volume low speed ceiling fans provide notable monetary savings over-air-conditioned spaces.

1. Permanent magnet synchronous motor

PMSM can be installed on the wheel shaft as a whole, forming an overall direct drive system, that is, a wheel shaft is a drive unit, eliminating a gearbox, completely sealed, and truly maintenance-free.

2. Servo controller with temperature control

A specially designed servo controller, using an advanced full digital motor control algorithm, built-in over voltage, over current, overload, and short circuit protection, can read the real-time fan motor temperature and control the motor running in a safe temperature range.

3. Safety design

Adopt more than 10 safety protection measures (safety rope, safety ring, anti-drop  bushing technology, type I fan blade link, top 12.9 grade fastener, anti-loose fastener,  fan blade strengthening design, enhanced plug-in design, overload protection of  control system, etc.)

Fasten Blot and Nuts

Hanging pole and hub install

Safety Ring and Wire Traction

Application of HVLS fan

Can industrial fans only be used in factories?

In recent years, although industrial fans have gradually been recognized by the domestic market, there are still many customers who do not know much about the scope of application of large-scale industrial fans. The large industrial fans mentioned here refer to the entire classification of HVLS fans. Due to the customary name in the country, industrial and industrial fans are collectively referred to as industrial fans, so industrial fans are not only suitable for industrial occasions, but also very popular for commercial occasions.

Which places are most suitable for installing HVLS fans?

Large workshop
Large workshops such as machinery processing plants, auto repair plants, aircraft assembly plants, and shipyards all use this fan. 

Large logistics warehouse distribution center
For logistics storage workshops, air quality can be improved, dehumidification and dehumidification can be prevented, and rust and decay of warehouse goods.

Business occasion
Large-scale industrial fans are also widely used in various commercial occasions,  As long as it is a large and high-space occasion, industrial fans (commercial fans) will be hung, such as railway stations and bus stations, airports, military units, churches, stadiums, shopping malls, etc.

Large farm
Large industrial fans are also widely used in large farms, including dairy farms, feedlots and hatcheries. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify and deodorize, and reduce the incidence of livestock

We offering various specification for your option:   

HVLS-FD1A series HVLS FAN specification sheet:
Model No. Fan ID ft  Fan ID m Pole length  m Motor Power kw Blades pcs Air volume m3/min Max speed rpm Fan weight kgs
HVLS-FD1A43 14 4.3 1 0.9 5 10700 100 90
HVLS-FD1A49 16 4.9 1 0.9 5 11700 87 93
HVLS-FD1A55 18 5.5 1 0.9 5 12600 78 100
HVLS-FD1A61 20 6.1 1 0.9 5 13150 70 105
HVLS-FD1A61-2 20 6.1 1 1.5 6 14300 70 120
HVLS-FD1A73 24 7.3 1 1.5 6 15500 65 128
Warm reminder: This product is not for sale in the United States.
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