Advantage of Large HVLS ceiling fan with PMSM gearless motor

What is Big industrial ceiling fan

Large fans have significant energy-saving advantages in industrial building air circulation applications. Generally, the larger the fan diameter, the greater the amount of air generated by unit energy consumption. Large-scale industrial fans were first applied in North America. They began to be promoted in China in 2008. The deceleration fan has unstoppably developed into a permanent magnet direct drive fan. The energy saving effect of the direct drive fan is significantly improved compared with the traditional deceleration fan. At the same time, the operating noise is significantly reduced, and the life and reliability are significantly improved.

Since the reduction gearbox is eliminated, pollution due to lubricant leakage does not occur, and maintenance-free for the entire life is achieved. A standard factory building of 10,000 square meters only needs to install 5-10 large-scale 7.3 meter fans, which is more than 70% more energy-efficient than traditional distributed small fans. The average annual electricity cost savings are more than 100,000 yuan..

Xingtai industrial ceiling fan is a benchmark for domestic lightweight design, and at the same time, it is also a benchmark for the efficiency of direct-drive fans. The fan has an efficiency of 84% within the speed range, especially under 70% of the highest speed load the motor efficiency can be achieved 90%; the dedicated fan drive uses a fanless cooling design, even the fan cooling is not used, the temperature rise of our drive system is controlled within 20 degrees;

By optimizing the structural design, no traditional fan distribution box is needed to save investment and installation space for customers; designed and optimized software to achieve better electromagnetic noise control goals; developed corresponding protection programs according to the fan operating characteristics of various scenarios, enhancing safety Protective measures can realize overload protection, temperature protection and overvoltage protection, protection against collision and severe dynamic imbalance; Intuitive operation interface allows users to directly operate without reading the user manual at a glance.
Comparasion of direct-drive gearless motor and gearbox motor
1) Permanent magnet synchronous high-temperature resistant out rotor motor, super energy efficient.
2) Small size and light weight,Only 32.5kgs.
3) Low noise. 38db
4) Simple structure.
5) Frequency modulation width (0-50HZ)
6) Direct drive motor maintenance free
7) No running hazard.
8) Its drive control the motor temperature rise not more than 20degC.
Other fan with gear box.
1) The use of asynchronous ordinary motor+gear box consumes a lot of energy.
2) Large and heavy.
3) Loud noise 60db.
4) Complex structure.
5) FM narrow (25-50HZ)
6) Need frequent daily maintenance (change seals, add gearbox oil.)
7)There are hidden dangers such as gearbox leakage.
8) Every 2years have to do a maintenance.
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