What is servo system

Maggie Yu
What is a servo system ?
Servo system is one of the automatic control systems. It is used to control the rotation angle (or displacement) of the controlled object so that it can automatically, continuously and accurately re-enter the input command.It is usually a closed-loop control system with negative feedback, and in some cases open-loop control can be used to achieve its function.In practical applications, an automatic control system, such as a numerically controlled machine tool, generally adopts a mechanical position or an angle as a control object.
The drive motor used in the servo system is required to have the characteristics of fast response speed, accurate positioning, and large moment of inertia. Such a dedicated motor is called a servo motor.
The dedicated drive unit for this type of motor is called a servo drive unit, sometimes referred to as a servo, and typically includes a torque (current), speed, and/or position loop. The working principle is simply that the speed and position signals are fed back to the driver through the rotary encoder and the rotary transformer on the basis of the open-loop controlled AC/DC motor to perform closed-loop negative feedback PID adjustment control. Coupled with the current loop inside the drive, these three closed-loop adjustments improve the accuracy and time response of the motor's output to setpoints. The servo system is a dynamic follow-up system, and the steady state balance achieved is also a dynamic balance.
Servo system performance requirements
1, high displacement accuracy
Displacement accuracy: refers to the degree of compliance between the command pulse and the displacement of the machine table and the actual displacement of the command pulse converted into the table by the servo system.
2, good stability
Stability: The servo system can reach new or return to the original equilibrium state after a short adjustment process under the given input or external disturbance.
3, high positioning accuracy
Positioning accuracy: refers to the accuracy of the output can reproduce the input
4, fast response is good
5, wide speed range
Speed regulation range: refers to the ratio of the maximum speed and the minimum speed that the mechanical device requires the motor to provide.
6, the system reliability is good
7, low speed and large torque
Servo system for injection molding machine
XingTai XT690 Series servo drive uses the flow, pressure closed loop control, combined with the perfect efficiency ofweak magnetic control , brings  the injection molding machine system more energy efficient, precision, efficient and quiet running effect, in the market have many mature modification and application cases, across thousands of machines in stable operation.
The advantages are as follows:
Energy saving: direct drive of servo motor, higher efficiency and energy saving.
Simple structure: driven by servo drive and servo motor (or servo motor, deceleration mechanism), simple structure.
Speed stability: through encoder feedback to achieve closed-loop control, high speed stability.
Suitable for the production of clean products such as medical products.
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