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Variable Frequency Ac Inverter

Variable Frequency Inverter, Ac Inverter, Ac Frequency Converter
Variable Frequency Ac Inverter
Variable Frequency Ac Inverter
Variable Frequency Ac Inverter
Variable Frequency Ac Inverter
Variable Frequency Ac Inverter



XT690 Series Ac frequency inverter is a closed-loop inverter, that uses the newest DSP from American TI company as the core control system, adopts the advanced full digital motor control algorithm, completely realizes the closed loop servo control of current loop, velocity loop and pressure loop by software.
The ac frequency inverter has the characteristics of high energy conservation, rapid dynamic response, high control precision and good self-adaptive ability, could be matched by XingTai motor and various specification servo motors, widely applied in the application field which request fast-response precise rotary speed control and positioning control, especially in the injection molding machinery.
XingTai Servo Drives pass strict electromagnetic compatibility, high-low temperature, humidity and vibration test to adapt to the various harsh environments. Our servo drives comply with the European low voltage directive (LVD) and EMC directive and have passed the CE certificate.
XT690 series ac inverter has excellent performance
Support for multiple motor vector control
1)Supports three-phase ac synchronous motor vector control, permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control without encoder.
2)Support for multiple encoders:
R1: Resolver no PTC/KTY
R2: Resolver with PTC/KTY
N: Software type encoder
The most advanced no speed sensor vector control performance.
The motor parameters can be obtained through self-learning, the user operation is simple, and the field adaptability is improved. It is suitable for high speed rotation of the motor and has been successfully applied in air compressor control.
High dynamic torque characteristics.
The XT690 series servo driver can provide 150% start torque (no sensor vector control) at 1Hz. At 0Hz, it can provide 180% zero-speed torque (with sensor vector control).
Super responsiveness.
Without sensor vector control, torque response < 20ms. Under the control of the sensor vector, torque response < 5ms.
XT690 series servo drives powerful functions.
Flexible and practical analog input/export.
Each Analog input (AI1~AI3), receiving the signal input of -10v ~+10V, AO output 0~10V signal; AI receiving pressure and flow signal instructions, AO can output pressure and flow instruction signal, and it is very convenient to be used in the injection molding machine multiple drive parallel machine control;
Motor overheat protection
The analog input can accept motor temperature sensor input(PT100, KTY84). When the motor temperature exceeds the overheat protection value, the drive failure output to properly protect the motor.
XT690 series ac frequency inverters are easy to use.
Restore user parameters
When debugging or misoperation leads to parameter confusion, it is possible to restore the factory parameter or restore the parameters saved by the user, which is not easy to cause parameter confusion.
Supports multiple field buses.
Supports multiple bus communication modes to connect various peripheral Settings.
Support Type: RS485, CANopen and other agreements.
XT690 series servo driver reliability design.
Standard configuration DC reactor.
Effectively improve the power factor of the input side; Improve the efficiency and thermal stability of the drive unit; Effectively eliminate the influence of the high harmonics on the input side and reduce the external conduction and radiation interference.
Environmental design
It has anti-dust, moisture-proof, anti-mildew painting processing technology; Wide voltage range design; Full series of independent air duct designs; Comply with CE and RoHS standards.
Fan replacement simple
Fan replacement is easy to clean and maintain and replace.
XT690 Series servo drive name rule

XT690 Series servo drive specification

*Note: The adaptive motor and pump suggested on the sheet are referring to 140kg pressure systems. For others please contact us for best suggestions.

XT690 Series servo drive technical function

XT690 Series Servo Drives Overall Diagram

Overall Dimension and Mounting hole size

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