AC Servo Motor

The main characteristics of the Xingtai Motor are as follows:

1. Rated torque:20-600Nm

2. Peak torque:40-1500Nm

3. Peak speed: up to 16000rpm

4. Cooling Mode: Natural Cooling, Wind Cooling, water cooling, Oil Cooling

5. Insulation Class: F

6. Protection: IP65(Natural Cooling, water cooling, oil cooling), IP 54(Wind Cooling)

7. Brake: D10-D13 series motor can be equipped with permanent magnet brake according to customer's request; Electromagnetic brakes can be installed in D10 series, D13 series and D18 series

8. Support for various forms of position sensors, including:
1) Absolute encoders, based on the single-loop, multi-loop absolute encoders of Hydehan Endat 2.2, also support sick, Domochuan, Nikon, etc.
2) Incremental encoder, mainly Danah
3) Positive cosine encoder, Hyderham Ern 1385, Ern 1387
4) Various of Rotating transformers, such as Domogawa rotating transformer.

9. Temperature protection: Standard Motor preburied a set of 3 PTC 130 and a set of KTY84 thermistors


Application for Injection molding machine
XingTai XT690 Series servo driver uses the flow, pressure closed loop control, combined with the perfect efficiency of weak magnetic control , brings  the injection molding machine system more energy efficient, precision, efficient and quiet running effect, in the market have many mature modification and application cases, across thousands of machines in stable operation.
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