XingTai Servo motor and drive application

XingTai Servo motor and drive application
Plastic machinery from the raw material waste sorting, compression, granulation to various molding machinery, the original control method and the process there were different levels of disadvantages of energy waste and low product repeatability accuracy, poor quality, low production efficiency and  large mechanical equipment noise. XingTai frequency inverter and servo drive are aimed at industrial application development, which can provide a comprehensive solution for all kinds of plastic machinery.
XT690 Series is an electro-hydraulic Servo drive specially developed by Xingtai Technology for injection molding machine. Based on the in-depth study and understanding of injection molding machine process and oil hydraulic, XT690 adopts the optimized PID algorithm to achieve precise control of pressure and flow. While improving the precision of the products, it will bring more efficient work to the injection molding machine; The high reliability CAN communication match the unique multi-pump control algorithm, which is convenient to realize multi-pump parallel and confluence shunt control. Support motor KTY/PTC temperature detection, real-time detection of motor temperature. XT690 Series servo drive is widely used in injection molding machine and all kinds of hydraulic machinery energy saving retrofit and matching.
Injection molding machine
XingTai XT690 Series servo driver uses the flow, pressure closed loop control, combined with the perfect efficiency ofweak magnetic control , brings  the injection molding machine system more energy efficient, precision, efficient and quiet running effect, in the market have many mature modification and application cases, across thousands of machines in stable operation.

The advantages are as follows:
Energy saving: direct drive of servo motor, higher efficiency and energy saving.
Simple structure: driven by servo drive and servo motor (or servo motor, deceleration mechanism), simple structure.
Speed stability: through encoder feedback to achieve closed-loop control, high speed stability.
Suitable for the production of clean products such as medical products.
Granulation machinery ,extrude mechanical ,blowing machine.
XingTai XT690 Series vector inverter is widely used in various kinds of plastic mechanical equipment such as grain, extrusion and blowing film, which has the advantages of energy saving, improving product quality and reducing equipment maintenance.
Die-casting machine, shoe machine, hollow blow molding machine.
In addition to the injection molding machine, XingTai XT690 Series servo drives are widely used in plastic machinery such as die casting machine, shoes machine, hollow blow molding machine, has a lot of advantages of large energy saving, improve product quality, improve production efficiency, low noise, environmental protection, etc.
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