HVLS Industrial Fans: Everything You Need to Know


Can HVLS industrial fans only be used in factories? In fact, it has a wide range of applications! In recent years, although industrial fans have gradually been recognized by the domestic market, many customers still do not understand the scope of application of large industrial fans.

Industrial electric fan is a kind of electric fan used in industry, and it is also used in public places. But what is the effect of industrial electric fans when they are used? Maybe for those who have not used them before, what are the advantages of specific industrial electric fans? Let's introduce what industrial electric fans are. The advantages of industrial fans? Next, let me tell you everything about the HVLS fan.

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1. What is the industrial HVLS fan

Technically speaking, HVLS (high-capacity, low-speed) fans are ceiling fans with a diameter greater than 7 feet (2.1 meters). They are used as a common industrial machine for space ventilation and cooling of personnel. Industrial fans can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain height of airflow layer on the ground to move horizontally, thereby promoting the overall air circulation. The advantage of this is the all-round ground coverage and the three-dimensional circulation of air. Unlike small high-speed fans that produce rapidly dispersed, tiny turbulent airflows, HVLS fans move large amounts of air by size rather than speed. The HVLS fan was originally designed for large spaces such as barns and factories. With the rapid advancement of technology, it has also been developed. They are now widely used in industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

The streamlined fan blades manufactured with aerodynamic principles and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5KW, and generate a large area of ​​natural breeze system, which has the dual functions of ventilation and cooling. Compared with traditional HVAC, it is more energy-efficient and can save a lot of energy costs.

2. Working characteristics of HVLS fan

HVLS industrial fans have the following working characteristics:

(1) Large air volume

The large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can achieve an air volume of 15,500 cubic meters per minute, covering an area of ​​up to 1,500 square meters.

(2) Low cost operation

The operating cost is low and it is quite energy-efficient. A large fan with a power of 1.5KW, which runs for 1 hour, only costs 1.5 yuan for electricity.

(3)Wide range of uses

High and large spaces such as logistics and storage, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, stadiums, and supermarkets can be used.

3.The advantages of HVLS fan

We have listed the four advantages of HVLS industrial fans:

(1)The human body cools down

The natural breeze generated by the large industrial fan blows on the human body, which promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, thereby cooling the human body and bringing a cool feeling. Usually, this cooling experience can reach 5-8°C. Bring a comfortable experience of natural wind to the human body. The three-dimensional natural breeze blown by the large-scale industrial fan of NorthGlass ventilation is more comfortable for the body. On the one hand, the three-dimensional blowing on the human body in all directions makes the evaporation area of ​​the human body reach large.

On the other hand, the reason is that humans have accumulated a cordial experience of natural wind in nature. Once the natural breeze with varying wind speed blows, the human body naturally feels extremely comfortable and cool.

(2)Natural ventilation

In previous ventilation schemes, people often decide which product and quantity to use based on the number of air changes in the space. In a small space, the effect is very obvious. You can even see the steam in the bathroom quickly vented outside the house with the operation of the abdominal pressure fan. But in a wide closed space, the effect of this kind of ventilation is not obvious: for example, relatively large smoke, humidity, carbon dioxide, and poor quality air are still concentrated at the bottom of the building. The air in the corner didn't work at all, but the people and equipment were there.

The large-scale industrial fan of NorthGlass ventilation will promote the air mixing in the entire space, which can disperse the unpleasant smell of smoke, moisture, mold, etc., so as to improve the air quality in the city and obtain a healthy, dry and safe working environment. .

(3)Environmental dehumidification

If the ventilation and cooling conditions in the building are poor, the product quality may be reduced, and even a lot of losses and waste may be caused! In addition, once some materials are deformed by moisture, they will become the object of customer complaints. To prevent air condensation, reduce bacteria and mildew, the large industrial fan significantly strengthens the air flow and thus controls the air condensation on the ground or metal surface, which can make your working environment cleaner, drier, comfortable and safer. Drive away the birds that have entered the room by mistake, and ensure the internal hygiene of tall buildings.

(4) Equilibrium temperature

Indoors in winter, the hot air generated by air conditioning heats up on the top floor, while the ground temperature is moderately low. The low-speed industrial energy-saving fan can slowly send the hot air from the roof to the ground, which can balance the indoor temperature and avoid energy consumption caused by uneven temperature.

4. Are large industrial-grade HVLS fans safe enough?

Large industrial fans, a new type of ventilation and cooling equipment for tall buildings, although it is a new type of plant ventilation and ventilation equipment, and are favored by many tall buildings, but at the same time, many customers are worried about the safety of large industrial fans. So are large industrial fans safe? What are the safety measures? Let me introduce you next.

  1. The protection function of the safety ring

    Prevent accidents and any parts falling.

  2. The role of the fan blade L-shaped safety buckle

    Connect all the fan blades with the chassis to form an integral structure.

  3. Fasteners

    The stress of fasteners is actually more than 10 times, and the high strength of industrial bolts is as high as 8.8/.

  4. The effect of steel wire indexing force

    Each steel wire rope can withstand the strength of up to 1000KG, and is equipped with double protection at each connection point.

  5. Setting of frequency converter

    The inverter will be set with overload and overload alarm functions. In case of special unknown circumstances, the inverter will automatically cut off the power supply and stop running.

  6. Anti-slip groove

    In order to improve safety, there are anti-skid grooves on the connecting plate of each large industrial fan.

In order to ensure the normal operation of large industrial fans, in addition to normal monitoring and maintenance during normal use and operation, regular inspections are also required. Do a good job of maintenance, you can discover and deal with some problems in time, prevent malfunctions, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor!

5. The application of HVLS fan

For HVLS industrial fans, a lot of people have some questions, we answer the two most frequently asked questions about the application for you.

(1)Can industrial fans only be used in factories?

In recent years, although industrial fans have gradually been recognized by the domestic market, there are still many customers who do not know much about the scope of application of large-scale industrial fans. The large industrial fans mentioned here refer to the entire classification of HVLS fans. Due to the customary name in the country, industrial and industrial industrial fans are collectively referred to as industrial fans, so industrial fans are not only suitable for industrial occasions, but also very popular in commercial occasions.

(2) Which places are most suitable for installing HVLS fans?

  • Large workshop

    Large workshops such as machinery processing plants, auto repair plants, aircraft assembly plants, and shipyards all use this fan. The ventilation efficiency is high, and the wind speed is slow and stable, so that the worker feels cool and does not blow the workpiece. A comfortable environment can make people feel comfortable. Pleasant, thereby effectively improving labor productivity.


  • Large logistics warehouse distribution center

    For logistics storage workshops, air quality can be improved, dehumidification and dehumidification can be prevented, rust and decay of warehouse goods can be prevented, so that employees can enjoy a comfortable working environment and improve work efficiency.


  • Business occasion

    Large-scale industrial fans are also widely used in various commercial occasions, especially in foreign countries. As long as it is a large and high space occasion, industrial fans (commercial fans) will be hung, such as railway stations and bus stations, airports, military units, churches, stadiums, shopping malls, etc. There are many environments for these people, and the fan needs to circulate the air flow to reduce the high temperature. The large-scale commercial fan designed is also more beautiful and can play a decorative role.


  • Large farm

    Large industrial fans are also widely used in large farms, including dairy farms, feedlots and hatcheries. Good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify and deodorize, and reduce the incidence of livestock. A suitable temperature can make livestock feel comfortable and promote the rapid growth of livestock, thereby increasing livestock production and increasing the production of poultry, eggs, milk and meat.


All in all, the HVLS (Industrial Large Fan) fan achieves ventilation in a large space, with a very wide coverage and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for almost all industrial and commercial places that require breathing, rabbits, and air circulation.

6. The development of HVLS fan

We will take you to understand the development of HVLS fans from both the equipment and the market.

The development of HVLS fan

Large-scale HVLS fans have significant energy-saving advantages in air circulation applications in industrial buildings. Generally, the larger the diameter of the fan, the larger the air volume per unit of energy consumption. Large industrial fans were first used in North America. It began to be promoted in China in 2008.

The reduction fan has unstoppably developed into a permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive fan. The energy-saving effect of the direct-drive fan is significantly higher than that of the traditional reduction fan. At the same time, the operating noise is significantly reduced, and the service life and reliability are significantly improved.

Due to the elimination of the gearbox, pollution caused by lubricating oil leakage will not occur, and maintenance-free for life is achieved. A standard factory building of 10,000 square meters only needs to install 5-10 7.3-meter large fans, which can save energy by more than 70% compared with traditional distributed small fans. On average, it saves more than 100,000 yuan in electricity bills every year.

HVLS fan market development

In recent years, the global HVLS fan market demand has continued to grow steadily. In 2019, the global market size is approximately US$648 million. With people's pursuit of a circular, natural and comfortable working and living environment, the awareness of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the enrichment of HVLS fan product series, in addition to the increase in the penetration rate of workshops, warehouses, logistics, and public places. With the application in more fields and adapting to more application scenarios, its market scale will continue to maintain rapid growth in the future. It is estimated that by 2025, the global HVLS fan market will reach approximately US$1.2 billion, achieving an average annual growth rate of more than 10%.

On the whole, the HVLS fan market has a bright future and huge profits.

7. How to choose HVLS fan

There are also many tips for choosing HVLS fans. We need to pay attention to the following points when buying.

Why choose China HVLS fan

  1. Cost advantage of HVLS fan produced in China

    The downstream application and development of HVLS fans are not only affected by their own product features and functions, but also by the supporting installation and maintenance service system. Compared with developed or regional markets such as the United States and Europe, domestic HVLS fan production services have certain cost advantages. Among them, in terms of manufacturing, domestic prices for fixed production factors such as manufacturing equipment, land purchase and plant construction, as well as variable production factors such as labor, parts and raw materials, are relatively low, which is conducive to the rapid development of the industry. In terms of installation and maintenance services, industry manufacturers need to provide pre-sales site surveys and application design, installation services, and after-sales maintenance services, which are labor-intensive and relatively low in domestic labor costs, which is conducive to the establishment and improvement of the HVLS fan industry marketing service system .

  2. Advantages of China's complete industrial chain

    At present, China has the world's largest manufacturing system with the most complete categories and the most complete supporting facilities. It occupies an important position in the global industrial chain and supply chain, and it also plays a huge role in global market competition. The production and manufacture of HVLS fans involve comprehensive technologies that cross multiple disciplines and multiple technical fields. It has high requirements for the supply of the upstream industrial chain. The improvement of the domestic industrial chain is conducive to the rapid development of the industry.

  3. Industry technology and accumulation

    My country's HVLS fan industry has developed rapidly. In the market competition, some domestic companies have formed a certain degree of accumulation in terms of technology improvement and brand awareness, which has laid a favorable foundation for the subsequent development of the industry. In terms of technology accumulation, after years of development and accumulation, the technical level of the industry has been significantly improved, especially in motor and control technology, simulation technology, mechanical design and processing, etc. Some leading companies in the industry have the ability to innovate independent research and development and design .

How to find a Chinese HVLS fan manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer, we recommend that you choose a Chinese HVLS fan manufacturer. As a major manufacturing country, China has a complete production chain. When you get the same quality products, China can strive for the greatest profit margin for you. Moreover, the delivery time of Chinese HVLS fan manufacturers is often very fast. Looking for Chinese HVLS fan manufacturers can be found through B2B websites and Google search brand websites.

  • B2B platform

    • Alibaba: China's largest foreign trade export website, where you can choose HVLS fan suppliers and manufacturers in different regions.

    • Made in China: specializes in the promotion of Chinese products and only accepts Chinese suppliers to release relevant product information. It is currently the only large-scale B2B platform whose sole mission is to promote Chinese products.

    • Global Sources: Focus on foreign trade of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide professional services for foreign buyers.

    Learn more about choosing China's outstanding HVLS fan manufacturer

  • Brand website

    Generally speaking, the brand manufacturer websites you can search through Google are quite professional. They are faster and more professional than B2B platforms, and they have better product quality and after-sales service. Compared to the B2B platform, I recommend you to choose a manufacturer that has a branded website.

    Here we recommend China's top HVLS fan manufacturers:


How to choose a Chinese HVLS fan manufacturer

Industrial fans continue to expand with the demand for industrial applications, and the low-threshold technology has led to uneven product and equipment quality on the market. Therefore, users must choose excellent quality equipment when choosing industrial fans. Then how to choose from many How about choosing among manufacturers?

  1. Product quality

    • Look at whether the motor of the large industrial fan shakes in the rotating speed, whether it is low speed, medium speed, or high speed. At the same time, listen to whether the head of the motor is noisy and judge whether it is within a reasonable range.

    • How good is the heat dissipation performance of the motor? Run at high speed for at least 1 hour. After turning off and stopping the operation, sense the heat of the motor. If it is very hot, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the motor is not good. If it is operated for a long time, the increase in the heat temperature of the motor will cause the large industrial fan to stop running. Or the motor burns out.

    • Look at the parameters of large industrial fans, such as speed, noise, power, air volume, etc.

    • Look at the safety factor, carefully observe and understand the safety measures of industrial fans.

      The specific items can be seen in the safety measures of large industrial fans.

  2. After-sales service

    High-quality purchase, installation and after-sales service make you more worry-free in business operations, so you have no worries in the purchase. Xingtai has an excellent installation and sales service team, you can buy our products without any worries.

  3. Price

    There is no doubt that in the process of purchasing any product, price is an extremely important consideration. It is recommended that you choose a suitable HVLS fan manufacturer, and then choose their products for horizontal comparison, and finally get the most suitable product for you.

We recommend viewing Xingtai's products here. Our products have the following features:

  • Long lasting
  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable price
  • Self-operated factory

8. Conclusion

Now HVLS fans have been widely used. Undoubtedly, it has played an important and non-negligible role in all kinds of production and worker efficiency. Therefore, HVLS fans have become a priority consideration in factory production and breeding. If you still have questions about HVLS fans, you can consult us. We have the most professional R&D and production technicians to provide you with the most professional answers.

Are you looking for high-quality HVLS fans?

If you are looking for HVLS fan, then you can refer to Xingtai's products. Xingtai Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002. We have a strong R&D, production and sales service team, and a complete independent intellectual property system. Our industrial fans are the benchmark of domestic lightweight design and the benchmark of direct drive fan efficiency. Our products are sold all over the world and have been well received by customers all over the world.

If you are interested, you can contact us for the latest information and quotations.

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