Can industrial fans only be used in factories?

Can industrial fans only be used in factories? 
In fact, it has a wide range of applications!
In recent years, although industrial fans have been slowly recognized by the domestic market, many customers still dont understand how wide the applicability of large industrial fans is. Today, we will learn more about the applications of large industrial fans.
First of all, the large industrial fans mentioned here refer to the entire classification of HVLS fans. Because of the habitual name in China, the industrial use of HVLS fans and the commercial use of HVLS fans are collectively referred to as industrial fans, so industrial fans are not only suitable for Industrial occasions are also popular in commercial settings.

The story of HVLS fan

In the beginning, the purpose of inventing large industrial fans was to use them in cattle farms, because there are many mosquitoes and smells in cattle farms, and dairy cows are prone to get sick at high temperatures. In order to solve the above problems, the HVLS fan was invented. Later, this fan was used. Extend to more occasions.
The most common use occasions for large industrial fans are workshops, logistics warehouses, etc. in the industrial industry, which can eliminate serious stratification of hot and cold air, and achieve the effects of quickly reducing the ambient temperature and the surface temperature of employees.

Super large plant

All large workshops such as mechanical processing plants, auto repair shops, aircraft assembly plants, shipyards, etc., adopt this fan, which has high ventilation efficiency and slow and stable wind speed, which makes workers feel cool without blowing the workpieces. A comfortable environment can make people feel good. Pleasant, thereby effectively improving labor productivity.

Large logistics warehouse and distribution center

For logistics and warehousing workshops, it can improve air quality, drive moisture and dehumidify, prevent storage goods from rusting and decay, and enable employees to enjoy a comfortable working environment and improve work efficiency.

Commercial occasions

Large industrial fans are also widely used in various commercial occasions, especially in foreign countries. As long as it is a large and tall space occasion, industrial fans (commercial fans) will be hung, such as train stations and bus stations, airports, military units, churches, stadiums, and shopping malls. There are many people in these environments, and fans are required to circulate airflow to reduce high temperatures, and the large commercial fans that have been designed are also more beautiful and can play a decorative role.

Large-scale breeding farms

Large industrial fans are also widely used In large-scale breeding farms, etc.: including dairy farms, feedlots, hatcheries, good ventilation can improve air quality, dehumidify and remove odors, and reduce the incidence of livestock. Appropriate temperature can make livestock feel comfortable and promote rapid growth of livestock, thereby increasing the yield of livestock in stock and increasing the production of poultry, eggs, milk and meat.
All in all, the HVLS fan (industrial large fan) maximizes the ventilation and cooling of large spaces, has a very wide coverage, and is beautiful and durable. It is suitable for almost all industrial and commercial places that require ventilation, cooling and air circulation.

Xingtai 24ft HVLS large ceiling fan with PMSM motor

Ningbo Xingtai Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xingtai") was established in May 2002 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Xingtai is committed to the research and development of mechanical equipment, electronic special equipment manufacturing, plastic product manufacturing, software development, energy-saving management services, new material technology promotion services, and the production of industrial textile products.
Nearly 20 years of rapid development, Xingtai independently developed and produced XT690 series servo drives, HVLSFD1A73 series permanent magnet direct drive fan dedicated servo drives, D1004FDTFM3370 series servo permanent magnet direct drive fan motors, and servo permanent magnet direct drive industrial large Fans are widely used in injection molding machinery, die-casting machinery, electric fan manufacturing and other industries.
In addition to satisfying domestic sales, the company's products are exported to India, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Mexico, South America and many other countries, and have been well received by customers at home and abroad.
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